Félipe released!

14 januari 2016

On Thursday, January 14th we released our parrot, Félipe, along with a few of his friends. Félipe was actually the first to discover the door and how to get out.  He stuck around for a little while, landing in nearby bushes and checking out the other wild parrots which just happened to be around. Then came Filé, who was a juvenile wild parrot that had been caught by a dog and brought into us for rehabilitation. Once he discovered the door he took two victory laps and then was off - heading for the mountains and the national park!. Third came Thea, a parrot which had been a former pet and was always very curious and fearless of people.  She stuck around and would sit on the other side of the aviaries, almost as if she wanted to go back in!  Finally came Felix, Thea’s bonded pair. While Félipe and Filé have presumably joined the wild flock which has been roosting in the area (we have not seen them since they took off), Thea and Felix are a little slower to learn (and understand) that they are free. But we have high hopes they will figure it out soon and will go off to lead a happy, healthy life in the wild.

Included are a few photos of the release. The first and second are of Félipe taking off. The third is of Thea who came back looking for Felix.

echo1     echo2     echo3